José Miguel Pérez Ontiveros

B.S. in Computer Science and Technology

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I hold a Bachelor's degree in Computer science and Technology with a GPA of 3.7, from Tecnológico de Monterrey.

During my 9 semesters at university, not everything was about my courses. I also played in many violin and piano recitals, was elected president of the Computer Science Student Society, participated at various contests and worked on personal projects.

You can take a quick look at my resume or scroll down to see some of the things I've done in more detail.

Major Projects

  • Life Time

    View this project on Github or the live demo here.
    I understand the importance of planning and of being able to see the big picture. This project displays a calendar of your whole life, letting you define periods and milestones. The project was forked from the original project Life Time by Cody Burleson.

    This is a screenshot of the project. D3 and momentjs were the JavaScript libraries y used.
  • PHP CRUD Framework

    One-person project. I believe in universal and reusable code, this is the main reason why I started one of my most important one-person perojects: my PHP CRUD generator. It is written in C and automates the creation of web based systems, leaving them ready for customization. It has saved me a considerable amount of time (up to 90%) while working on various other projects.

  • NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge

    View this project on Github.
    Three-person project. Formed part of my university's telemetry team that competed at the NASA Human Rover Exploration Challenge 2015, in Huntsvilla, Alabama. Later that year, I presented it at Campus Party Mexico 2015.
    Our project was composed by a cabinet we built to house an Arduino, a Freakduino a PCB, an XBee, a video transimetter and a battery, as well as cameras, a head mounted display, a WPF Kinect desktop application, a database and an online dashboard.
    A description of the whole system can be found in the prezzi we used at Campus Party:

    This is a screenshot of our dashboard, we used php, bootstrap and JQuery.
  • System and Methodology to Control Drones via Computers and Smartphones

    Two-person project. We overrode the drone’s radio controller joysticks with signals generated with a computer, through and arduino. The signals may corrspond to the input given to a smartphone, or be calculated automatically by a computer using artificial intelligence principles.
    An efficient method for segmentating images was developed. We used Unity 3D, Arduino, C# and made a PCB with low pass flters for the PWM signals to go through.
    We presented it at Campus Party Mexico 2014 and at my university´s congress 'Ideas que transforman'.

    This is a video of me demonstrating the control of a drone via a smartphone:

    This is the prezzi we used:

  • Robotic Fingers

    Three-person project. We designed, built and programmed a robotic hand and a PCB for the 8051 microcontroller. The servo signals were modulated via software, and all the programming was 8051 assembly language.
    We predefined routines, there was no interaction with the fingers as the 8051 microcontroller limited us in processing power and generating servo signals is relativly demanding.

  • Video Games

    • GTA Borregos

      I was project leader in a team project where we used Unity3D to create our version of Grand Theft Auto, but with our Campus as the map. It is an open world multiplayer game in which you can play missions or just do anything you want.

    • Lost Island Racing

      2013 - One-programmer project. Using OpenGL in C++ I implemented a racing game with a track creator.

    • Mirrey Game

      2012 - Team project. Using XNA (C#), I implemented a platform videogame, with varios levels and minigames that involved programming techniques like backtracking and recursion.
    • Myo vs Mouse

      2015 - Team project. Developed a video game un Unity 3D, to be used in a study to compare the Myo and Mouse's efectivity in flight simulators. I developed the videogame and an automatic data capturing module for the study.

  • Volunteer Programmer for an Environmental Cause

    View this project on Github.
    2-programmer project. We developed a website for people to share their experiences (picture and comment) after recieving a donated tree.
  • Papers

    • Published the paper Device Controller through an interface based on body movement, and presented it at CIINDET 2014 (International Congress of Innovation and Technological Development).
    • Currently about to publish a paper about a System and Methodology to Control Drones via Computers and Smartphones.
    • Currently about to publish a paper about Game Interaction: Myo vs. the conventional Mouse.


  • Boomi Integration Developer Level II

    From Dell Boomi, achieved on January 2017.
  • Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer

    From Oracle, achieved on August 2016.
  • Oracle Certified Associate, 11g Database Administrator

    From Oracle, achieved on May 2015.
  • ITIL Foundation

    From AXELOS, achieved on May 2015.
  • SCRUM Master

    From ScrumStudy, achieved on November 2014.

Work Experience

  • Back-end Developer

    At Base22 LLC, from January 2016 to present.
    Installed and configured new IBM WebSphere Portal Infrastructure that will serve ~900 restaurants across Canada (IBM WebSphere Application Server and Portal Server).
    Presented a Java course to help a group of ~15 co-workers to get certified (Java).
    Played an active role in the development of Base22's Carbon LDP platform, which will enable a true semantic web experience (JavaScript).
  • Software Development Leader

    At Centro de Desarrollo e Innovación Tecnológica, from April 2015 to September 2015.
    Participated in 3 projects about monitoring energy turbines (lead and redesigned 2 of them) and 1 about monitoring babies and elderly via an online wearable (Grails, PHP, MySQL, RB Pi, Python).
  • Software Developer

    At Tecnológico de Monterrey, from January 2015 to March 2015.
    Developed a web application/social media site for the Tecnológico de Monterrey community. Helped 862 students form teams only with students from other areas (Adiante, PHP, MySQL).
  • Software Developer

    At HomeTerra, Baobab, Moza Bonita, from January 2015 to March 2015.
    Developed websites for 2 real estate agencies and 1 clothing store. The owners can manage their content through an administrator portal without having to know how to code (PHP, MySQL).
  • President

    At my university's Computer Science Student Society, from January 2014 to December 2014.
    Directed the society's events, distributed the workload and motivated students. Reinforced skills such as leadership, empathy and also logistics.
  • Software Development Leader

    At Holograma Producciones, from August 2013 to October 2013.
    Developed an interactive wall. Captioned selfies were sent from a tablet to a big screen over the WLAN to be displayed along with visual effects, lights formed patterns and messages (Unity 3D).


  • 2nd place at Hackathon Coparmex Morelos 2014

    View this project on Github.
    Achieved on November 2014. Team project. We developed an android and iOS application with Unity 3D that informed users about the location of public access points throughout the city using the smartphone's GPS and compass, and various viewing modes including augmented reality. A website was also developed.
    (Unity 3D, PHP, JavaScript).
  • National finalist at the Copa Intel 2013

    Achieved on December 2013. One-programmer team project. We developed an arduino based wearable that sensed temperature and movement, and a web system to view the information in real time.
    (Arduino, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript).
  • Microsoft Student Partner

    Achieved in 2013.